13–14th of April 2021

Oslo, Norway

The 14th Conference was a digital conference hosted by Stortinget, the Norwegian parliament.

The 14th Conference of Parliamentarians of the Arctic Region was a digital conference on the 13th and 14th of April 2021. The conference was hosted by Stortinget, the Norwegian parliament, in cooperation with the Standing Committee (SCPAR).

The conference adopted a conference statement.

Climate change in the Arctic

  • Renew and increase their 2015 Paris Agreement commitments
  • Forge an ambitious climate action plan for the Arctic
  • Strengthen the knowledge base and improve scientific cooperation with a new International Polar Year Initiative.

Sustainable Economic Development

  • Increase the accessibility of digital infrastructure in the Arctic
  • Strengthen the cooperation with the Arctic Economic Council and ensure the implementation of the Arctic Investment Protocol.

The Peoples of the Arctic

  • Strengthen the cooperation on public health
  • Incorporate voices of the youth and strenghten mobility programs such as “northtonorth”
  • Strengthen the cooperation and dialogue on security issues and underscore the importance to maintain peace, stability and low tension in the Arctic region


Conference statement