NameMr. Vladimir A. Torlopov
AssociationCouncil of Federation, Russia

Born on 14 November 1949
1971 - graduated from the Komi State Pedagogical Institute, physics
1972-1973 years - served in the Soviet army
1974-1986 years - an employee of the regional council of trade unions, the chairman of regional committee of trade unions of workers
1988 - graduated from Leningrad Higher Party School, master in political sociology
1990 - elected Chairman of the Republican Council of Trade Unions Federation, Komi
1990 - elected Deputy of the Supreme Council of the Komi Republic.
1993-1995 - First Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Komi Republic on social issues
1995 and 1999 - elected Deputy of the Chief Executive of the  State Council of the Republic of Komi
1995 -1999- elected Chief Executive of the State Council of Komi Republic
1996-2001 - member of the Federation Council of the  Federal Assembly of the  Russian Federation
2001-2010 – Governor of the Komi Republic
2010 Council of Federation,  Federal Assembly of Russian Federation
Deputy Head of the Federation Council Committee on Northern Territories and Indigenous Minorities Issues.
Head of the Russian delegation to the SCPAR
Doctor of Political Sociology.
Married. Has two daughters and one grandson.