Sixth Conference Of Parliamentarians Of The Arctic Region

Nuuk,Greenland, 3-6th September, 2004

All documents from the Fifth Conference are made available as PDF files. Download the free Acrobat Reader program to view them if necessary.

Programme -  English [PDF]

Statement - Main Message English [PDF]   Full Statement English [PDF]

The Sixth Conference of Parliamentarians of the Arctic Region took place in Nuuk, Greenland, 3 - 6 September 2004. The conference successfully brought together 150 parliamentarians and indigenous representatives from the Arctic Council member states, as well as senior experts from governments, NGOs and the academic community. The main themes of the conference were Climate Change in the Arctic, Human Development in the Arctic and Sustainable Development and Economic Activity in the Arctic. At the closing of the Conference a Conference Statement was adopted unanimously by the participating representatives.  In the statement, it is noted that Arctic climate is warming rapdily and that much larger changes are projected. It is likewise noted that rapid Arctic warming is likely to have major implications for the whole planet, and its consequences need to be addressed globally. The Conference acknowledges that human influences, particularly increased emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gasese, are an important cause of climate change in the Arctic, and that the effects of climate change are already being felt throughout the Arctic. The Conference asks governments in the Arctic region and the institutions of the European Union to take mitigative action to reduce emissions of grenhouse gases, increase the energy efficiency of Arctic economies and promote the development and adoption of renewable energy sources. The Conference also urges the development of management procedures to support Arctic communities in adapting to climate change.  The Conference furthermore asks the Standing Committee of Parliamentarians of the Arctic Region to carry to governments of the Arctic states a strong message on the importance and seriousness of Arctic climate change and the urgency with which it needs to be addressed. The Standing Committee is also asked to play an ongoing role in the continued evaluation of the findings of the Arctic Human Development Report and actively promote the development and implementation of an Arctic ICT pilot project, TRAICE.

The Conference Statement has been forwarded to the Arctic Council and to the governments of the eight Arctic States, to the Commission of the European Union as well as to the Barents Euro-Arctic Council and other relevant organizations. The Standing Committee will follow up on the implementations and report to the next conference, to be held in 2006 in Sweden. For more detailed information on the Conference Statement see the attached documents.

Friday 03 Sep 2004