News & Activities

Senator Murkowski welcomes participants to the GLACIER conference in Anchorage
Senator Lisa Murkowski welcomed particpants to the Arctic conference GLACIER which takes place in Anchorge, Alaska August 31 and is hosted by the US State department.
Monday 31 Aug 2015
Arctic debate during "Arendalsuka" in Norway
The Chair of SCPAR, Mr. Eirik Sivertsen, hosted a debate on cooperation in the Arctic during the political week in the city of Arendal in Norway 16 August 2015.
Thursday 20 Aug 2015
New member of the Standing Committee
Ms. Katri Kulmuni from Finland is elected as new Chair of the Finnish Delegation to the Arctic Parliamentary Cooperation.
Friday 19 Jun 2015
Chair of SCPAR attends Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting
Mr Eirik Sivertsen will attend the Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting in Iqaluit, Canada 24 April 2015.
Wednesday 22 Apr 2015
Next meeting of SCPAR in Reykjavik 12 May 2015
The next meeting of the Standing Committee will take place in Reykjavik 12 May 2015 with the Parliament of Iceland as the host.
Wednesday 22 Apr 2015
Letter from SCPAR to Minister Aglukkaq and Secretary Kerry
The members of the Standing Committee reiterated some of the main messages in the Conference Statement from the Whitehorse conference in a letter to Minister Aglukkaq and Secretary Kerry.
Wednesday 18 Mar 2015
SCPAR meeting in Washington DC 10-11 March 2015
The next meeting of the Standing Committee will be in Washington DC 10-11 March 2015. Senator Murkowski from Alaska is the host of the meeting.
Friday 27 Feb 2015
Mr. Eirik Sivertsen addressed Arctic seminar in Paris
The Chair of SCPAR Mr. Eirik Sivertsen, addressed a seminar on the Arctic in Paris 6 February. The seminar was co-hosted by Ifri and the Norwegian Embassy in France.
Tuesday 10 Feb 2015
Meeting between Mr Sivertsen and Admiral Papp
Mr Sivertsen and Adm. Papp met in Tromsø earlier this week in Tromsø to discuss the cooperation between the Arctic parliamentarians and the incoming US Chairmanship of the Arctic Council.
Friday 23 Jan 2015
10 Years of Russian – Norwegian Cooperation
Mr. Eirik Sivertsen, Chair of the Standing Committee, addressed a conference celebrating the 10-years Jubilee of cooperation between the MGIMO University in Moscow and the University of Nordland, January 13, 2015. Among the participants at the conference were both current and previous participants in the student exchange program between the two universities.
Friday 16 Jan 2015