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13th Arctic Parliamentary Conference in Inari, Finland, September 16th to 19th 2018

13th Arctic Parliamentary Conference will take place this year in Inari, Finland, from 16th to 19th September in Sajos Center.

Parliament of Finland welcomes all the Arctic Parliamentarians to northern Finland to discuss the Arctic cooperation.









Arctic peoples today find themselves on the front line of rapid environmental change brought about by globalizing forces, shifting climates, and destabilizing physical conditions. The weather is not the only thing undergoing rapid change here. Social climates are intrinsically connected to physical climates, and changes within each have profound effects on the daily life, health, and well-being of circumpolar indigenous peoples.


Following four themes; digitalization of the Arctic, climate change and its effects to the Arctic, the Corporate Social Responsibility for the companies operating in the Arctic and the Social Well-Being of the people living in the Arctic were seen as the most timely and pressing issues that affect the region.


As this is already the 13th time the Arctic parliamentarians convene, a special session will reflect the work done by the parliamentarians.

The aim of the conferense is to produce a statement, which would reflect the views of all the Arctic Parliamentarians on how they see the Arctic should be developed.





Monday 10 Sep 2018