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SCPAR meeting in Helsinki, November 2017

Last meeting of the year 2017 in Helsinki, November 23. – 24. From left, Mr. Björn-Willy Robstad, AEC Chair Mr. Tero Vauraste, SAO Chair Mr. Aleksi Härkönen, Chair of the SCPAR Mr. Eirik Sivertsen and Chair of the Finnish Arctic delegation, Ms. Katri Kulmuni



The SCPAR had its last meeting of the year in Helsinki, in November 23. – 24. The committee visited the Finnish Metrological institute and had discussions with the director of the Institute and with heads of units of Arctic Research and Climate Change. The SAO Chair Mr. Aleksi Härkönen and the AEC Chair Mr. Tero Vauraste met the members of the SCPAR on 24th and gave presentations on the Finnish AC chairmanship program and on economic cooperation.

The Committee also decided the themes for the 2018 Arctic Parliamentary Conference in Inari.

1. Digital arctic;

2. Climate change in the Arctic;

3. Corporate Social Responsibility;

4. Social well-being;


Friday 01 Dec 2017