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Letter from SCPAR to Minister Aglukkaq and Secretary Kerry

The members of the Standing Committee reiterated some of the main messages in the Conference Statement from the Whitehorse conference in a letter to Minister Aglukkaq and Secretary Kerry.

The participants at the Whitehorse conference

At the meeting in Washington D.C. the members of SCPAR addressed the current Chair of the Arctic Council Minister Aglukkaq, Canada, and the incoming Chair of the Council Secretary Kerry from the USA, in a letter. The letter raises some of the key messages adopted in the Conference Statement from the 11th Conference of Parliamentarians of the Arctic Region which took place in Whitehorse 9-11 September 2014.

Cooperation on sustainable infrastructure development in the Arctic, the need of an Arctic innovation system and the importance of facilitating the participation of the Permanent Participants in the Arctic Council were among the topics.

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Wednesday 18 Mar 2015