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10 Years of Russian – Norwegian Cooperation

Mr. Eirik Sivertsen, Chair of the Standing Committee, addressed a conference celebrating the 10-years Jubilee of cooperation between the MGIMO University in Moscow and the University of Nordland, January 13, 2015. Among the participants at the conference were both current and previous participants in the student exchange program between the two universities.


In his intervention Mr. Sivertsen underlined the importance of the cooperation between Norway and Russia in the field of research and education:

-In times with a worsened political climate between Russia and the EU and NATO member states, it is especially important that the people to people cooperation continues – says Mr. Sivertsen.

In his speech Mr. Sivertsen further emphasized the importance of student exchange between Arctic countries, and presented several proposals on how to develop this cooperation further:

-Student exchange is important for cultural understanding and networking between people and countries. I propose to establish circumpolar mobility program for student exchange between the eight Arctic countries. This should be developed in close cooperation between the universities, governments and the business sector. At the same time it is important that the mobility program address joint challenges and opportunities we have in the Arctic.

Read the intervention from Mr. Sivertsen.

Friday 16 Jan 2015