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Economic development and environmental concerns in Arendal-meeting

Sustainable economic development of the resources in the Arctic was the main topic in the discussion in Arendal, Norway, 15 August 2014

The participants at the meeting:

From right: Mr Morten Høglund - State Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr Eirik Sivertsen, Norwegian member of SCPAR, Mr Arne Smedal, Presiden and CEO of Cefront Technologies, Mr Achim, Steiner Executive Director UNEP, Ms Sara Olsvig, Chair of SCPAR, and Mr Arne O. Holm -the moderator.


The Chair of the Standing Committee Ms Olsvig and the Norwegian member Mr Sivertsen discussed economic development in the Arctic with the other members of the panel including Mr Achim Steiner, Executive Director of United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP).

The two parliamentarians underlined the importance of a diversified economic development in the Arctic where the people living in the region see direct benefits from the development.

Ms Olsvig and Mr Sivertsen further emphasized the important role of the Arctic Council in getting the Arctic countries to cooperate closely in achieving an sustainable development of the Arctic region. Developing different industries in the North, in areas with limited or no infrastructure, makes cooperation across the boarders even more important.


Monday 18 Aug 2014