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Ms Sara Olsvig addresses the Inuit Circumpolar Councils' Congress in Inuvik, Canada 21-24 July 2014

In her intervention Ms Olsvig underlined the important role of indigenous peoples in the Arctic cooperation and a continued peaceful cooperation in the Arctic.


Ms Sara Olsvig, Chair of the Standing Committee


In her intervention "Strong cooperation for a peaceful Arctic" Ms Olsvig addressed new ways to improve Arctic governance and the central role of the Arctic Council in this process. With its eight members states, six permanent participants and many observers, the Council has developed very positively since its inception in 1996.

- We have built a unique governance structure, and we have a collective responsibility to maintain and develop that structure further - the Chair said about the Arctic Council.

Read the intervention (Greenlandic)

Read the intervention (English)

Wednesday 23 Jul 2014