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SCPAR meeting in Washington DC 12 March 2013

At the meeting of the Standing Committee in Washington DC 12 March 2013 the Committee decided to make a report addressing economic delvelopment, infrastruckture and capacity building in the Arctic.

The report shall look at how these three subjects seperately and how they interact. The gender perspective will also be a part of the analyses.

The Standing Committee postponed the election of Vice-Chair of the Committee until the next meeting of the Committee 3-5 June.

In the meeting the Standing Committee was given presentations from Mr. Evan Bloom, Director of the Office of Ocean and Polar Affairs in the Bureau of Oceans and Environment and Science at the U.S. Department of State, Mr. Nils Andreassen, Executive Director, Institute of the North and Mr. John Farrell, Executive Director of the United States Arctic Research Commission.



Tuesday 19 Mar 2013