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Dinner with Minister Leona Aglukkaq

Morten Høglund had dinner with the incoming Chair of the Arctic Council Ms. Leona Aglukkaq in Oslo 19 January.


Minister Aglukkaq visited Norway as part of her preparations for taking over as Chair of the Arctic Council 15 May 2013. At the dinner Mr. Høglund and Ms. Aglukkaq discussed many of the important issues which will be decided at the Ministerial meeting in Kiruna, and the priorities of the Canadian Chairmanship of the Arctic Council.

Mr. Høglund underlined the importance of letting interested, legitimate parties in as observers to the Arctic Council. This is to ensure that the Council remains the most important forum for political cooperation about the Arctic, and let them contribute in a formalized way to the work of the Council.

Minister Aglukkaq and Mr. Høglund also discussed the importance of involving the business community in the Arctic cooperation, to create a better dialog and a ensure a sustainable use of the rich natural resources in the Arctic. 

Tuesday 22 Jan 2013