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Standing Committee Meeting in Ottawa, May 24th
The Standing Committee of Parliamentarians of the Arctic Region met on Ottawa, 24th May. The meeting was generoulsy hosted by the Canadian Patliament as the committee discussed about Arctic cooperation. Especial attention related to the Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting in Rovaniemi. The Canadian SAO informed about members about the discussion in the Rovaniemi Ministerial. Arctic Council has always had the support the Arctic Parliamentarians, and this was again reasserted
Friday 15 Nov 2019
SCPAR meeting in Murmansk 28.3.2019
A meeting of the Standing Committee of the Parliamentarians of the Arctic Region (SCPAR) was held in Murmansk. The Conference of Arctic Parliamentarians includes MP's from Russia, Denmark, Iceland, Canada, Norway, the United States, Finland, Sweden, and the European Parliament. The Standing Comittee (SCPAR) convenes 3 to 4 times yearly to discuss the Arctic cooperation.
Tuesday 21 May 2019
13th Arctic Parliamentary Conference in Inari, Finland, September 16th to 19th 2018
13th Arctic Parliamentary Conference took place in Inari, Finland, from 16th to 19th September in Sajos Center. Climate change, CSR, Digital connection and Social Well-Being among the themes discussed
Monday 10 Sep 2018
SCPAR meeting in Kiruna, Sweden 13th to 15th of May
Parliamentarians from Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Russia and Canada will discuss the transforming nature of Arctic in Kiruna Sweden.
Tuesday 08 May 2018
SCPAR meeting in Helsinki, November 2017
Last meeting of the year 2017 in Helsinki, November 23. – 24. From left, Mr. Björn-Willy Robstad, AEC Chair Mr. Tero Vauraste, SAO Chair Mr. Aleksi Härkönen, Chair of the SCPAR Mr. Eirik Sivertsen and Chair of the Finnish Arctic delegation, Ms. Katri Kulmuni
Friday 01 Dec 2017
SCPAR meeting in Reykjavik, October 12th
The Standing Committee held its third meeting this year, in Iceland. One of the most important part of the committee meetings is to share best practices, in areas where respective countries have made progress in Arctic related issues. In Iceland, the focus was on renewable energy. In the meeting, the committee agreed to implement the work of its communications-working group and create its own Twitter and Facebook accounts. The aim is to better convey the message of the parliamentarians and share the discussions and the work they do in the committee to improve the living standards of the people living in the Arctic. And as the climate change and its implications to the Arctic area are on the focus, the parliamentarians are engaging also on the way how different regions are adapting and what kind of solutions are used in the field of sustainable development and the actions against the climate change.
Monday 20 Nov 2017
SCPAR meeting Greenland 16. – 18th May
The Standing Committee held its second meeting this year, in Greenland 16. – 18th May. Committee visited in Sisimiut and in Kagerlussuag to familiarize with current affairs in Greenland and especially regarding the Arctic.
Wednesday 28 Jun 2017
Following-up on the Conference Statement from Ulan-Ude 2016
"The implementation of the Conference Statement from the 12th Arctic parliamentary conference which took place in June 2016 is important at the Anchorage meeting", says Mr Eirik Sivertsen, Chair of the Standing Committee.
Monday 20 Feb 2017
SCPAR meeting in Anchorage 24 February 2017
The Standing Committee will meet in Anchorage 24 February 2017. The work towards the Arctic Ministerial Meeting in Fairbanks 11 May dominates the agenda for the meeting.
Monday 20 Feb 2017
Mr Eirik Sivertsen re-elected as Chair of the Standing Committee
Mr Eirik Sivertsen from Norway was re-elected as Chair of SCPAR, and Mr Larry Bagnell from Canada was re-elected as Vice-Chair.
Monday 20 Jun 2016